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Rug Cleaning By Toronto’s Top Experts :

Torontos Rug Cleaning

Torontos Rug Cleaning

The Beauty Of Persian Rugs:

Luxury rugs, one of the most delicate parts of every luxurious house, is a favorite selection to many for the decoration of their homes or office place.
Rugs bring a unique type of harmony to your place, and it also indicates that you care about the decoration of your surroundings.
In this article, we will emphasize on the tips and notes of owning a luxury rug from an owner’s point of view.


Delicate Rugs Need Care!

It’s a fact that rugs become the eye-catching center of your house when you bring one of these luxurious rugs in your house, and because of this fact, it gathers a lot of focus to itself by becoming a constant spotlight in your house. Well, this spotlight needs care every once a while. These handmade silk rugs are very easy to clean and in case of a dog bite or damage, they’re very easy to repair, the only thing that you have to focus on is to send it for a cleaning service pickup every once a while, a good number is 1 to 2 times a year depending on the amount of dirt it has absorbed.

Rugs will become the spotlight of your place

The Art Of Rug Cleaning:

*Rug cleaning is a very important topic to cover when it comes to rugs and carpets because if you send your delicate rugs to beginners for a rug cleaning service, your delicate rugs might get damaged.


The importance:

Cleaning your rugs on an annual basis is necessary. The reason is that that keeping your rugs clean, not only keeps the rug look fresh and clean, but it also prevents breathing and sneezing issues and also some allergies related to dirt that was absorbed by the rug. A lot of people might have pets like dogs and cats and these cute pets usually leave their furs all over the place, and this can itself cause many breathing problems over time for your self and your guest. The reason why we emphasize that you should make sure you check the authority of the place that you call for a rug cleaning service is that there are many scammers in this industry that use cheap materials and cheap cleaning methods, these methods will shorten the multi-decade life span of these delicate rugs by a great degree.

Rug cleaning prevents allergies

The best rug cleaning method includes a multi-step process on its own using the best natural cleaning materials and using modern rug cleaning machines made for handmade rugs combined with hand cleaning methods.

Our modern cleaning machines

A tip that you can take away in this article is to never forget to vacuum clean your rugs at least once a week.

vacuum twice a week

Rugs are either hand made or machine made, for both its very important to be cleaned and dried with the modern rug cleaning machines with the latest technologies.

Hand made rugs are one of the most unique types of rugs in the world, it truly speaks out true handmade art.
Rugs made from silk, are a bit more expensive but they have the best possible texture a handmade rug can be made with, silk rugs are so light and soft that you can fold a large rug into a small pile.


No matter what type of rug you have, rug cleaning is an important part that our professionals have experienced cleaning and repairing rugs in almost every possible situation with over 55 years of experience.

The missing puzzle piece of your place:

It doesn’t matter if you want to make your office feel better or your home, rugs are the missing puzzle piece for you. Every kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, living room, or office can benefit from the luxurious rugs that are made to be the unique masterpiece in your house.

luxurious designs

With over 55 years of experience in rugs and rug cleaning, we have seen that its the details that matter the most. Rug cleaning is a skill that needs lots of experience !

Jimme & Johnsan: Owners of InternationalRugGallery

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