Effects Of Persian Rugs On Decoration

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Effects Of Persian Rugs On Decoration

Persian Rugs Toronto

Persian Rugs Toronto

Persian Rugs:

One of the many benefits of a luxury hand made Persian rug made out of silk is the soft texture. Unlike textures like wool, silk rugs do not irritate the skin and cause sensitivity and irritation of the skin, children’s skin is very sensitive, that’s why you should really be careful with what you acquire and bring into a child’s room.


The Benefits:

An advantage of buying silk rugs to other rugs is that silk rugs don’t leak chemicals or colours over time, unlike other textures. A handmade silk rug is so soft that you just want to sleep on it, and unlike other textures, these silk rugs will prevent causing allergies like wool rugs to normal skin and they are just a more suitable choice for a child or baby’s room.

Persian Rugs come in a variety of beautiful designs, and each with a variety of colourful knots. These Persian rugs can blend with the other parts of the room and create an astonishing atmosphere in the room.


Another benefit of handmade silk Persian rugs is that because of the silk material, these luxurious rugs are very very light. So no matter how many times a month you would want to change your decoration styles, you can move these light and thin luxuries around with ease.

Rugs will fill in the empty space and become the spotlight!

Now let’s get into the tips on how you can use these amazing rugs to decorate other parts of your house. These luxurious Persian rugs can be used to design and decorate your living room and they will become the spotlight of your living room in an instant. They can blend in with the colours of your other furniture in a way that you can see your furniture in a new fresh way, in a way as if their value has risen. That’s the power of these luxurious Persian rugs.

When you have a dining table that looks good, well it will always just “look good”. But when you add a rug under these tables, you’ll see how much more valuable your dining table will look, these rugs instantly become the eye-catching centre of your house.

Rugs, the eye-catching spotlight

For example, if you use a small Persian rug in any shape for your entryway, from the moment your guests enter your house, they will experience a new feeling. The designs used in these Persian rugs can vary a lot. The designs can include mini to large flowers, birds, shapes and curves, and much more.

One of the major points that you should be aware of when buying a handmade silk Persian rug, is to buy it from trusted stores that have been in business. The reason is that these companies always sell you real silk. On the other hand, we have the scammers that sell you fake silk because they know that the first time rug buyers have no clue what the difference is. But in this blog, we will cover all the tips that you need to make sure that you’re buying a real silk rug.

Silk :

*Before we step into the methods on how to determine real silk from fake material silk, giving a little bit more information about silk itself is necessary.

Silk is, in fact, a type of string fibre(thread) that is naturally gained from the caterpillar’s cocoon.

Most of the silk is from protein. Persian rugs made out of silk are truly a masterpiece.

The initial usage of silk was in the making of luxury expensive fabric for royal families and empire leaders back in history.

silk fabric

One of the main specifications of silk is that they shine.
And that is unique!

Persian Rugs are one of the most unique gifts that you can give to anyone, especially if they have a baby in the house, here are the reasons why Persian rugs are the best as a gift for homes especially with a baby.

The best unique gift!

Persian Rugs are very luxurious and they are one of the most eye-catching gifts anyone can get. Getting them a Persian rug or any other handmade rug will also show them that you actually took the time to find them a different

You have to note that the materials forming a real silk rug is very different from fake silk rugs. This method that we are about to mention is for laboratories only. Silm rugs have a certain chemical formula in them and if you take a sample in the laboratory from the fabric, you can tell if its silk or not.

Real Silk VS Fake Silk :

But for methods to be used in homes, there are 3 main ways that we will explain in a moment, but before we go on, we have to mention that a specification of these Persian silk rugs is that they are very very veryyyyyy stretchable.


Now let’s get into the 2 ways for detecting a real Persian rug made out of real silk.

Burning a very mini portion of a single knot of the rug :

After a silk string gets burned, it will smell exactly the same as when a hair thread would burn, because they’re both made out of protein. If the silk was fake, it would smell rug burning a paper.

Feeling And Touching :

You can rub your hand against the rug, if after a short while your hand feels it’s getting warm, it means that the Persian rug is made of real silk. If not it means that its made out of fake rugs.

These were the methods that you should pay attention to every time you step into a Persian rug store.
Persian rugs will be one of the most unique materials that you will ever encounter. Persian rugs are truly a masterpiece and they are the missing puzzle piece of your house.
Stay tuned for more useful blogs. 🙂

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